November 29 (Friday), 5:00 p.m.


PROGRAMME I / 5:00 p.m.


Maksymilian Biel (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Franciszek Drażba (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Dominika Głowala (Art Academy in Szczecin), Łukasz Horbów (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Jan Kowal (Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice), Dobrosława Król (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Aneta Lewandowska (Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw)


Discussion with students led by Jakub Majmurek.


PROGRAMME II / 7:00 p.m.


Film Department (Hubert Czerepok), Art Academy in Szczecin
The aim of Film Department is to create appropriate conditions for independent artistic development and to provide students with (theoretical and practical) knowledge necessary for artistic work. During classes, we implement linear and non-linear film forms, explore documentary and mockumentary areas, create 360 video narratives and virtual environments, undertake theatre-related activities and operate in public space. We especially focus on reflection on the role of artists in society and the critical potential of artistic activities. We support in-depth research, transdisciplinary work and research related to new technologies.


Michał Baczyński, Karolina Brzozowska, Martyna Pasternak, Klaudia Prabucka, Mila Skomra


Discussion with students led by Jakub Majmurek.



November 30 (Saturday), 5:00 p.m.


PROGRAMME III / 5:00 p.m.


Paweł Jaskuła (University of the Arts Poznan), Gabriela Matuszewska (Szczecin Art Academy), Magda Pacek (University of the Arts Poznan), Daria Pałka & Justyna Wiśniowska (Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków), Aleksandra Sarna (Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź), Jadwiga Subczyńska (University of the Arts Poznan), Emilia Turek (Art Academy in Szczecin), Adam Zduńczyk (Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków).


Discussion with students led by Jakub Majmurek.


PROGRAMME IV / 7:00 p.m.


Studio of Spatial Activities (Mirosław Bałka, as. Julia Dorobińska, as. Tymek Bryndal), Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
The studio has been operating since 2011 at Faculty of Media Arts of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The main aim of the Studio of Spatial Activities is to make an attempt to recognise and creatively shape the spaces in which we move and act. For its activities, the studio moves beyond the Academy grounds, paying attention to social and political problems. Students explore their cultural sensitivity, while looking for own artistic identity. By defining their place and exchanging their views with representatives of other places, students draw their own spheres of communication.


Agata Chodera, Julia Dorobińska, Marcelina Gorczyńska, Mateusz Kowalczyk, Piotr Kowalski, Adam Kozicki, Nadia Markiewicz, Piotr Mlącki, Tomasz Paszkowicz, Karolina Pawelczyk, Klaudia Skuza, Bożena Wydrowska


Discussion with students led by Jakub Majmurek.